Saturday, March 04, 2017

Spawn Mother

So this project was somewhat inspired by a similar translucent Jacob Lynch model that I had seen where the the painter had left parts of the translucent plastic unpainted to create a really cool effect. The Spawn Mother is not exactly the best option for this, but it's the one I decided to try this out with. I opted to leave the webbing parts of his fins and hands as translucent and then paint over the rest of it. The end result is subtle but I like it. However, let's talk about the challenges of this project...

First, the assembly of this model is annoying. There was a big seam on each side of the back which required some covering back up. For that task I actually painted in layers of matte medium, which worked well but it still took some extra painting work to really hide it to a level that I was willing to live with.
Then the next challenge was that since I wasn't priming it as normal, I had to paint directly onto the plastic and that was a tedious task. Eventually once everything was base coated it got much smoother.
Finally, was the task of sealing it, which was extra necessary due to the lack of primer. However with the goal of having the translucent green plastic still be properly translucent, I couldn't matte coat it. I had done some previous experiments on leftover sprue pieces and found that gloss coating it didn't have a net effect on it, so that's what I did carefully. It left the whole model looking rather wet, which ends up working out. All that complaining aside, this project was a really great learning experience and I'm glad I did it. And now I can play the Amphibious Assault scenario!

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