Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Mysterious Emissary

This project really started out of curiosity. I was trying to figure out how to merge this model's pre-designed base with my own Neverborn basing scheme. The base that it came with was pretty necessary for keeping the overall structure of the model, and although I could have ditched it, I felt it was both easier and more interesting to keep it. From there I needed to find a way to merge it with the obsidian plinth style that I've been doing for all my Neverborn models, which wasn't as hard as I expected. Once I reached that point, it became a matter of just plugging away at the project. Eventually it ended up assembled, then primed, then once I started painting it I really found joy in the project. I started with all the wood tones, working in combinations of colors to make it look obviously wooden but more a living wood than looking like dead dried wood. After that I continued on with the vines and leaves, adding complementary life-giving colors. Then I departed hard left, and did the blossoms and nymphs using my Nephilim skin tons. At first I thought I had made a grave mistake, but in the end I like the results. It creates a more otherworldly and sinister feel to this otherwise wholesome nature look.

Painting this model was a unique challenge due to all the entwining of the vines and limbs and such, but I truly did enjoy it. I'm super excited to get this model on the table eventually.

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