Monday, April 16, 2007

Another Double Header!

I got to play 2 games again this last Saturday, although this time it was 2 500pt games against the same opponent with different army lists. Here's the sum-up:

Game 1: Madhammer vs Doomshaper
I had Doomshaper with 2 Maulers, 2 Impalers, the Totem Hunter and a Fell Caller. Madhammer had Croe's, Alexia, 2 Blasters, Gorman, Rupert, and a Bokur. This battle was pretty one-sided. I moved in too quickly, but even if I hadn't, it would have still been one-sided. At the beginning of the second round, one mauler was blind and could not make attacks due to some crazy Madhammer spell. The other mauler was knocked down. By the end of round 3, Doomshaper was getting poisoned badly. It wasn't so much that the trolls were outnumbered, but rather that there was just too much movement/action denial stuff pinning them down. It didn't help that the Bokur cut down a Mauler in a single charge round.

Game 2: Amon vs Karchev
I had Amon, a Castigator, a Revenger, a Devout, Vilmon, 2 Paladins, a Seneschal, a full chior and 3 wracks. Karchev had 2 Berserkers, the Behemoth, and Alexia. This battle I got a lucky set up in and used Amon's feat on the second round. This allowed me to sand blast the Behemoth into a Berserker, knocking them both down. Then the Castigator moved up and threw Behemoth off to the side and cleared a charge lane for the Devout. Gorman black-oiled the Behemoth and then the 3 Paladins went to town on it, nearly destroying it. The Seneschal pulled off a chain-attack slam against the other Behemoth, slamming it into Karchev and knocking them both down too. With the exception of Alexia and her 5 remaining risen, everything was knocked down. The next round went similarly too, with everything ending up knocked down or destroyed, and Karchev black oiled as well.

I really like this Amon list. It probably can't compete with an infantry swarm, but I'm ok with that. Having all warjacks and solos for front-line fighting makes for an interesting dynamic.

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