Friday, April 13, 2007

Feora cryx's Doomshaper

From last Wednesday, another good rumble against Zugbart. This time I took pictures! They are here and are the Apr 11th set. It was a re-run of the same lists from the previous week. My recounting of the battle is somewhat sketchy unfortunately.

Round 1: The surge. Both armies rush forward. I got to go first, so I was able to invade the middle ground and take control of the hill in the middle. This helped me alot through the rest of the game.

Round 2: The stand off. Both armies position trying to set up for something nasty. Due to poor placement, the chior leader gets whacked since he's about the only thing able to be shot.

Round 3: The gnashing. Initial exchanges start to take place. Vilmon get whacked by Doomshaper in melee. Nothing like seeing the High Paladin of the Protectorate get beaten down with a stick. There's some more exchanges in melee, some slamming, and Rupert unfortunately gets whacked by the Blitzer.

Round 4: Feora gets an arcnode shot at Doomshaper, sneaking in 6 points of damage early on. The Blitzer gets pelted by firebombs and black oiled by Gorman. Unfortunately the Devout gets crippled by a super slam from the Axer (ouch!) and the Repenter loses his flamethrower as well.

Round 5: The Blitzer nearly gets finished off and the Axer gets whacked by Feora. The Revenger moves deeper. Feora lights up the trolls with her feat. Unfortunately, most of the fire went away immediately. The Mauler moves in and slams the Repenter into Feora, knocking her down. Then Doomshaper rolls in and very nearly kills her with Acursed. A lucky boosted damage roll of 6+6+5 puts her at 2 remaining health. If it wasn't for the 2 focus she'd kept in reserve, she'd have been toast. Doomshaper blows the rest of his fury going for a kill but doesn't have enough to boost the damage and gets an unlucky roll, doing no damage.

Round 6: Feora shimmies through the rules here. She sacrifices her movement to stand up, her action is gone due to accursed, but she can still cast spells. She stands up and levels Doomshaper with an Immolation.

All around, this was a close game again. I was a couple bad dice rolls away from having something break loose of my containment strategy. Feora again awards the MVP to Gorman for keeping the Blitzer at bay. The zealots get the award for most improved, remembering to use their "you can't shoot me" prayer to avoid disaster. It was also good to not walk them out of melee as much this time. I definately felt like I did a much better job of controlling the board and taking advantage of the terrain.

Closing shot: Feora sends Doomshaper to troll heaven!

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