Sunday, April 22, 2007

Back in the Saddle (finally!)

I finally finished a model again. This is the Iron Kingdoms Paladin. He was much more fun to paint than I expected. The whites actually turned out better than I had hoped for. I used some different shading techniques than I've used before. Specifically I make sharp dramatic transitions where the plates come to corners rather than trying to smooth blend. It's pretty logical to do so given the shape of the model.

Ok, so there's some wierdness about the paint job on this model. Scroll down and take a look. Does it stand out to you? If so, post a comment to me. If it hasn't already jumped out at you, the problem is that the shield has a bunch of battle damage on it, but the Paladin's armour has none. On the one hand I like the look beacuase it says that Paladin is so badass, that he never takes a hit to his armour. On the other hand, it makes the model look inconsistent. I might revisit the model and put some a few battle damage marks on him later if it ends up bugging me.
And now the pictures...

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Da Troll said...

He looks pretty good!

The battle damage only on the shield though does look a little weird. I'd maybe put some scuffs on his legs/boots too, and maybe the top of his helm since those would be the most exposed parts if he were using the shield to block.

Also, on the third pick of his back side, it looks like there's a bit of leakage from the gold and silver onto the white part of his thigh. Just a tiny flaw in an otherwise really nice paint job.

I really like how the white was done, the shading looks very sharp, almost like a hand painting or drawing.