Friday, April 06, 2007

Double Header

Last Wednesday I got to play 2 games of Warmachine in the same day! I used the same list for both games, so I got to test out the list against 2 very different opponents.

The List (500pts, 19vps):
Zealots (10) + Monolith Bearer
Chior (6)
2 Wracks

Game 1:
My first opponent was against a Madhammer list. It included (if I recall correctly): Madhammer, Wroughthammer, Grundback Blaster, Croe's (9) with Bokur, and Alexia.

The game was unfortunately rather one sided. Croe's and Alexia were a pain in the ass to keep under control, but through careful positioning, and the use of the Zealot's and Chior's "no ranged attacks" protections, I was able to create a wall that shut down half of the merc's attack potential. Then on the second round, I positioned Feora and set almost the entire merc force on fire while the medium jacks, Gorman, and a wall of fire from Feora kept the enemy at bay. The game wrapped up with Feora unloading double flamethrowers into Madhammer and toasting him.

Top performers this game:
Feora again proves badass. The chior, zealots, and Rupert were also highly useful as always.

Game 2:
This second game was against Zugbart, and he has once again chronicled the battle quite well.

This game was much closer. There were a few times where things were in danger of losing control for me, but for the most part, I felt like the trolls were staying pinned where I needed them. Losing my chior leader after the first round was a nasty setback. With a full chior I would have layed out much more serious hurt to the troll warbeasts.
I sacrificed alot of guys to walking out of combat in order to set up for more damage. In the long term, it was probably not the best plan. The battlefield also featured a centrally placed forest which was annoying to deal with. Every battle I'm played against Zugbart so far has had terrain that put me at a disadvantage.

Top performers this game:
Feora again was badass. Even more so though was Gorman. Black oil on warbeasts was a key component to keeping the trolls in their place. Vilmon was also an impressive performer this time.

All things considered, these were two fun games. The former was fun to see what Madhammer was capable of. The latter was fun due to the tactical challenge it put on me. 2 victories for Menoth helps reestablish some respect for my skills as a general.

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Da Troll said...

Black Oil and fire make me cry. Why must you continue to oppress the downtrodden trolls? Why?!?!


Great game as usual, I'm looking forward to next week!