Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Crushing of a Lifetime

Played a 500pt game against Eric tonight and I gotta say, I got crushed. I mean really smoted.

My List: Kreoss, a Reckoner, a Castigator, a Crusader, a full chior, 2 paladins, Vilmon, and 2 wracks.

My Enemy: Grim, an Impaler, a Blitzer, a Fell Caller, Alten, 3 Long Riders, and 6 Pyg Burrowers.

My Casualties: Everything except the Crusader basically. I got Kreoss into melee with Grim, but just couldn't land enough hits to put him down.

My Tactical Error: I switched the chior to Infuse from Safe Passage, opening the door for a bunch of shooting, from a primarily shooting army.

My Regrets: None. I drove my army straight at the enemy, spending half the game with most of my models on the other side of the board. I charged Kreoss into melee and played balls out. It was my intent from the beginning of the game. I could have played a brick and slowly marched across the table, but this was definately more fun.

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