Monday, January 14, 2008

Epic Feora 2, Skorne 0

Battled Lance last night and pulled out another victory! This time it was 750pts of eFeora goodness against Zaal and his Skorne cohort. I've been very happy with eFeora now that I've sort of "got the hang of her". I've found that a balanced force really helps alot. Last nights army consisted of eFeora, a Crusader, a Repenter, a Redeemer, 2 Seneschals, Vilmon, a Paladin, Knights Exemplar, Daughters, Cleansers, a Chior, Grogspar, Rupert, Gorman and 3 wracks. The battle was, for the most part, a really good scrum around the middle of the table, but in the end I wore down the Skorne force. Here's some highlights:
  • Skorne Immortals with Zaal's "double STR" spell are crazy dangerous. They whacked Vilmon easily.
  • The Skorne Cannoneer is bad business, laying out template blasts and boosting damage against poor Gorman. I had alot of problems with putting my stealth models near non-stealth targets.
  • The Crusader was a rockstar, taking down a Titan Gladiator in one round while benefiting from the Chior's Infuse and 3 focus. I think both Lance and I were suprised actually.
  • The bonded Redeemer was quite amusing for handing out fire. Even though I never used eFeora's feat, the fire was quite effective at causing some general concern.
  • eFeora's Escort spell is just plain boss. The +2" of movement really makes the SPD 4 jacks a viable choice, and jacks like the Redeemer and Repenter can really benefit from being able to move 7" and then take their attack.

All in all, a very fun game, and further confirmation that eFeora is a good caster for my play style. A nice balance between troop and jack support makes her a real favorite for me.

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