Friday, January 11, 2008

Victory for Ashlynn

Played a very entertaining game against Eric on Wednesday night (geez I'm behind on blogging). It was a 500pt Mercs vs Trolls rumble. My rather unconventional list consisted of: Ashlynn, a Nomad, a Freebooter, Gorman, Herne and Johne, Hawk, Grogspar, Doc, 2 Bokurs, and Alten. Yes I realized later that I broke the Highborn contract later by including Grogspar. In all honesty though, for the first time he was inconsequential to the game. Eric had Grim, an Impaler, an Axer, a Mauler , Champs and Gobbers. I think there was something else, but it slips my mind now.

The first couple rounds were mostly just advancing and a couple minor exchanges. The Gobbers did a superb job of protecting the beasts and Grim from any potential reprisal. The third round started off as a disaster for me. The Axer charged in and took off both arms from the Nomad, and then the Champs charged in, and the champ leader (with the Mauler's Rage on him) single handedly cut the Freebooter to pieces, much to my sadness. Then Grim feated and it looked like I was gonna get pinned down. Fortunately, Grim used the last of his fury to cast Return Fire on himself. My only option was to go for the throat. Ashlynn walked out of melee, and exacted revenge on the Champ leader, but more importantly, opened up a lane of movement. Then she popped her feat, catching my entire force. Next, Gorman moved through the open lane and tossed Black Oil and Grim. Unfortunately he missed. I had counted on the penalty to def to help, but in the end it didn't matter. Grim's feat was positioned between himself and my main line of solos, which I then used to my advantage. I moved Hawk forward a bit, and then her Bokur charged Grim. Despite standing in the Gobber's cloud, Ashlynn's feat gave the Bokur enough bonus to land his first 2 strikes and cut Grim to ribbons. Definately a win from some lucky positioning and rolls. I can't complain too much about my dice. There were a couple snakeyes rolls, but the Bokur's rolling made up for it in the end. Hats off to Eric though for putting me in a really tight spot. He'd have been hard pressed to kill me in the next round with Ashlynn's feat still active against him, but he'd definately have put me away in a couple more rounds I suspect.

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