Sunday, January 13, 2008

Paladin of Menoth (Alt Sculpt)

Wrapped up the Paladin today. This was the alternate sculpt version. I definately like this pose better. I opted for a green scheme instead of red for this one to make it easier to distinguish them when playing. He's one of a few green schemed models I have for Menoth now. The green probably could have been a little deeper in color, but I like the tone better than what I've done before. Definately not a primo job, but I'm happy. It felt good to get back in the saddle after almost a month and a half of no painting.

I picked up a box of Sea Dogs as well as the magnificent Aiyana and Holt models, so although this model marks the "fully painted" mark for my Menoth force currently, I've now got about 200pts of unpainted mercs to get working on.


Patrickery said...

I really like how the paladin came out! Do you mind if I ask what colors you used for the green?

Scott said...

Honestly I can't remember at this point since it was so long ago. It was probably P3 Wyrm Green and Gnarls Green as the basic pair of colors.

Patrickery said...

Thanks! I know it's reaching back, but I figured it was worth asking.