Friday, March 13, 2009


Well, the jack factory rolls on. This big boy is a very significant lump of metal. I actually reverted to painting in pieces on this one, leaving the arms separate, so that it would be a bit easier to manage the weight of the model. Again, not super interesting to paint personally, but there were some parts that I did enjoy like the giant mace.

I actually had this mostly done in just a couple nights' work, but it took me a few extra days to do the last touches, basing and sealing due to my work/life balance challenges lately.

Things that went well:
* I did the metals first which actually made things much easier. I could be sloppy and fast with the washes and not worry about messing up the whites. This sped up the work noticably.
* Painting in parts was a huge use here. I only left the arms off but that was plenty help.

Things that could have been better:
* Battle damage would probably have been a nice addition.
* I feel like the reds are a tad flat. I probably could have deepened the shading closer to black to make it pop more.

Well, nothing else fancy to say right now. This weekend I'm going to hit a Steamroller4 tournament at my LGS for the first time in ages. I'll try to post some pics of the event.


Deacis said...

What list are you going to bring to the event?

John said...

Thats a beautiful clean look you have there. What process did you use on the metallic parts, e.g., the Menoth crosses on the shoulders

Scott said...

Thanks! I debated whether to add battle damage like I did for the Redeemer, but I think this one looks good with that "fresh from the factory" look.

For the iron I used VMC Oily Steel washed with P3 Armor Wash + VMC Black, then highlighed with P3 Cold Steel and then again with P3 Quick Silver.

For the bronzes I use a much longer process. First I base with Oily Steel, then cover that with VMC Brass. Then I do washes of GW Chestnut ink, then P3 Turquoise ink, then selected shading with VMC Black. After that I highlight back up with VMC Brass and then I do small point highlights using P3 Quick Silver. I find that the last small highlights of silver really help the bronzes to pop better.