Sunday, March 29, 2009

Schism Tournament Report

The Schism event today was a ton of fun. I brought 3 lists but only ended up playing 2 of them.

Battle 1: My list: Grissel, Blitzer, Mauler, Axer, Impaler, Fell Caller, Gudrun, Krielstones(6), Champs, Stone Scribe Chronicler, and Gobbers. Opponent's list: Testament, Vengers, Cleansers, TFG, Zealots, Seneschals, Redeemer, Paladins (I think he cheated here, but I forgot to double check), and some other stuff. It was a pretty typical ToM infantry swarm list. This was the same guy that played drop-and-pop in the last tournament. I nearly won this battle when he failed to kill Grissel on a charge at her, but unfortunately I rolled poorly and didn't lay out enough damage. He didn't win because he out played me. He won because I got unlucky. It was a lot like the previous tournament. I've decided that If he brings another boring "fanboy" Protectorate list and I have to face him, I'll just forfeit. Not very sportsmanlike I guess but I'm not so interested in playing another boring game.

Battle 2: This game was awesome. My list: eDoomshaper, 2 Maulers, Blitzer, Impaler, Fell Caller, Krielstones(6), Champs, Gobbers and Totem Hunter. Opponent's list: eButcher, Kodiak, Spriggan, Doom Reavers, Fenris, Yuri, Manhunter, Wardog and Great Bears. In all fairness, my opponent had me dead to rights. Despite rolling minimum focus, he got 3 rage tokens and had Fenris in melee with Doomshaper and I only had 2 fury to transfer with. Unfortunately for him he rolled poorly. Then I managed to orchestrate enough to get a Mauler around onto a knocked-down Butcher and paste him in nothing flat. I honestly felt bad for him cause his rolling was terrible. But it did afford me a win.

Battle 3: Same list as above, but I played my buddy Lance. He had Hexeris, Bronzeback, 2 Cannoneers, Krea, Brute, Paingivers, Bone Grinders, Gobbers, Midwinter and 2 Extolers. We ran out of time early, but played out the game anyway for fun. I totally forgot to snap a picture. All I have to say is that eDoomshaper's feat with a Blitzer is hugely amusing cause you can run the blitzers 20" and then fire the slugger. I tried to use Doomshaper's weapon on a Cannoneer, but got very unlucky on dice rolling and failed to damage it three times. I lost that battle shortly thereafter.

In the end, I won the painting award though. Only non-warlock/warcaster character models were eligible. This part was sort of amusing. I had brought Alten to enter (who was in my third list with Grim and Impalers), but the tournament organizer Marco (who totally rocks), came by and saw my Totem Hunter and said "Enter this instead. I think it's way better." Before waiting for my confirmation he wandered off with the Totem Hunter, started the voting, and I totally won by popular vote. It wasn't super stiff competition, but honestly I was quite honored by Marco's comments.

Epic Doomshaper was a blast to play. His feat is outrageous, and combined with Mayhem I was able to do things like a 15" trample up through a smoke cloud and then us the bonded Mauler's fury to buy extra power attacks. His "arc node"-like attack spell is quite amusing as well. I think if I'm going to keep playing more trolls, I'm going to want an Earthborn and a Bouncer to go with him. Fortunately they happen to be very cool models as well.

All in all, another fun tournament experience. I'm looking forward to another SR4 event in 3 weeks that Marco is organizing at the LGS. Until then, it's back to painting.


Da Troll said...

Awesome report. Congrats on the Painting win! The totem hunter you did is pretty cool. I would have voted for it if I was there :)

How do you like epic Doomshaper's pose? It still feels weird to me so I haven't decided if I'll get him yet...his stats do seem crazy though, and it's good to hear he brought the furious beat down to the tourney. Hehe!

Scott said...

It is sort of a strange pose. I think the pose makes sense if you visualize it as him channeling energy into the stones of his staff as he winds up a nasty spell. Otherwise yeah, he looks rather strange. I did however straighten the alignment of his head a bit from the original positioning cause otherwise he looked just a bit too twisted up.

In all fairness too, he's kinda like eKreuger and the WWX: Photos don't quite capture the pose well. It's worth dropping into an LGS and asking them if you can pop open the blister just to look at the parts before you pass judgement, cause at the end of the day, he's no Grim Angus. :)