Sunday, March 15, 2009

Steamroller 4 Rocks!

The tournament yesterday was a blast! In the past I've bagged on tournament formats and complained about how they aren't very fun. Well, Steamroller4 seems to have turned that around finally. Well, as much as a tournament format can. It's still going to be chocked full of people just trying to win (more on that later), but at least the format and timing makes it better.

My List:
I only brought one list. Here's a crappy picture of it. Terminus, Nightmare, 9 Bane Thralls, Pistol Wraith, Skarlock, Gudrun, Bokur, and Gorman. I put this list together rather hastily and primarily based on a Cryx force that I liked the look of. Gudrun got thrown in to help deal with stuff tactically, the Bokur was more just for fun, and Gorman was to give Terminus a little more protection.

Battle 1 (the most fun):
The first battle was huge fun. It's also the only one I snapped any pictures of. My opponent was playing a Krueger list and I have to say, it was a super fun battle. He had Krueger, a Woldwarden, a Woldwatcher, a Woldstalker, Tharn Ravagers with a White Mane, Shifting Stones, and Bone Grinders.

The mission was Mosh Pit. We both headed for the center. There was a fair amount of punching each other in the face. In the end, I made a run on Krueger with Terminus and failed to get enough hits in. Then, stuck in the middle with no focus, he tried to leverage as much as he could on Terminus. Fortunately I had knocked down the Woldwarden. He got Terminus down to 3 life left and ran out of stuff to hit me with. At that point it was done. I moved Terminus out of the fray, behind Krueger and shanked him.

There was unfortunate dice rolling on both sides, but it was a hugely fun battle and my opponent was both gracious and friendly. This battle was easily the most fun tournament battle I've had.

Battle 2 (the lamest):
Some guy brought a Kreoss drop-and-pop list. It was lame. He almost failed at killing Terminus in melee though, which would have meant I'd have shanked his ass for sure. But alas, his dice were with him. If he hadn't had Eiryss, I'd have easily survived.

I totally kept that guy nailed on his timed turns though, once causing him to not even get to do anything with Kreoss. He complained afterwards and I told him "You bring pop-and-drop, I'm going to hold you to the time limit cause that's the drawback of that list." I think he didn't catch my intention though.

Ironically, in the last round, that guy played a different Circle player who, in my opinion, is a clearly superior opponent. The Circle player just marched Kaya forward and let him kill her without even trying. The Kreoss player seemed to think he had earned that victory which I find highly amusing. I totally gave the Circle player a high-5 at the end when he told me that. If I face that same guy and he brings the same list, I'll just forfeit before the match even starts.

Battle 3 (quite fun):
The last battle was against a Goreshade list using the Break The Line scenario. I'd only ever played against Goreshade once before. At this point I wasn't in the running for 1st anyway, so I played pretty fast and loose. The battle was quite fun though. I got a run on Goreshade but just barely missed killing him. I'd thrown the Deathjack out of the way and Death Chilled it as well, but he was still able to leverage just enough to take out Terminus. To my opponent's credit, he actually won on scenario as well by using a Helldiver. It was like a double victory, for which I gave the guy a hearty handshake on a very well played game. Not only did he play well, but he was pretty bold with moving Goreshade up and didn't have any arc nodes.

In the end...
I had a great time, despite my usual tournament record of 1 win and 2 losses. The 10 minute rounds makes for a speedy game, and pretty much every game I got at least 4 turns in which I very much enjoyed. The 10 minute turns are pretty rough, but it forces the game to play faster, and you have to take a more streamlined force. We played out the whole tournament in under 5 hours too (3 games) which was very cool. I'm very much looking forward to the next Steamroller 4 match!

The list was a lot of fun to play. Terminus is easy to run in tournaments and really fun to play. Attaching the Bokur to Gudrun was not as useful as attaching him to Terminus I think. However, the list was more about putting my Cryx on display. My reward for losing was getting a lot of comments about my nicely painted army, which I value more than a trophy for sure.


John said...

Nice write up - shame about the Menoth player. Pop n Drop just shows a lack of thought given all of the other options we have available to us

Scott said...

I agree. He also played a ToM+Vengers list in a tournament once too which was completely to the formula on the boards. It was disappointing. Yesterday he told me he thought Protectorate was "only viable as a shooty army". After 2 minutes of discussion it became obvious that he hadn't really experimented at all. *sigh*