Saturday, March 20, 2010

From the Desk: Coffins

It occurred to me the other day that I haven't been posting much on my blog lately except when I have a finished model or an entertaining battle report. Now in all fairness, life has been kicking my butt pretty hard lately, so I've had a decent excuse for not posting more. However there's a fine line between being busy and being lazy. So, to combat laziness, I'm going to start posting more in-progress stuff and random notes. In order to give myself more of an excuse to do so, I'll also give mini-reviews of the junk I watch while painting. And when I use the word "junk", it really is junk sometimes. Netflix streaming is awesome, but for some reason my MST3K sub-brain takes over during the movie picking process and I end up watching a lot of really stupid movies.

Today I carved out a bunch of time to start working on the Death Marshalls. More specifically, I worked on their coffins. I basically used a combination of washes, 2BB, wet palette, and some basic point highlighting. The only thing amazing really is the amount of time I spent on them. I'm really trying to lavish more time on all the Wyrd models and these guys are very fun to work on. I do have to say, the time I spent speed-painting Cryx models using wash techniques really did pay off in terms of being more confident with washes. I feel like that really helped me get a good base coat on these coffins the way I wanted it.

Today I watched two things. First was an episode of the TV series The Greatest American Hero. It was just as silly as I remember it being. I also watched an installment of Miniature Mentor about battle damage. This was very good. I highly recommend the series to anyone looking to learn new skills. The camera work continues to impress me. This particular tutorial around battle damage was definitely informative, but I can say that the amount of battle damage is a bit more than my preference.

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J.A.M. said...

The coffins look fantastic, very realistic. Can you instruct us (step-by-step) on how you painted them? Thanks!