Sunday, February 10, 2013

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #22 (mostly battle report)

This will be a very irregular weekend roundup for sure.

Before I get to the tournament report, here's a quick overview of progress during the last week:
  • Finished Ironback Spitter (pics will appear tomorrow)
  • Finished second Gatorman Posse (pics appeared 2 days ago)
  • Finished 4 customized Croxor transport trays
  • Got Rask started, but just barely
  • Nothing on the Judicator

Ok, now that that's over with, here's the highlights from the Gold Rush Rampage event yesterday. And I apologize that these are sparse but it's late and honestly I doubt anyone wants to read much about it. It was 35pts, SR2013, Divide and Conquer with 3 lists, deathclock. The tournament only lasted 4 rounds amazingly and the top spot was taken by a Gator player amazingly. Here's some Lytro shots of various points in the event...

Round 1: I got the bye, but one of the TO's had a list available to play for the purposes of earning achievements, so I played Barnabas vs pSkarre. Amazingly I won this game, partially due to having really hot dice.
Round 2: I played Maelok vs Bethayne. Legitimately I should have won this game, but I totally misplayed a couple of critical things and totally put Maelok out in harms way with no fury for transfers. I felt like a total rookie. The other guy was really nice though. In a strange sort of way though, I was happy to have lost since it put me in the loser bracket and that made the rest of the event into a "for fun" situation and I was just looking to earn various achievements.
Round 3: Rask vs Carver. This was hands down my favorite game of the day. My opponent was a really great guy and we just had a blast. We were both rooting each other on out of minion kinship, and at the same time we were railing into each other. The match nearly went to time as we slugged it out. In the end I was down to just Rask, a Croak Hunter, and a Feralgeist. It's a little hard to see in this picture, but Carver charged in on Rask and rolled triple 6's for his damage roll. I was forced to capture it for posterity.
This is a picture of my buddy Mike's sweet looking Skorne army. I was trying to snap pictures of everyone's armies that were set out for the best painted army evaluation, but somehow I only snapped 2 of them.
Here's the other one I snaped: my other buddy Brian's sweet Retribution army. Oh, and yeah, totally didn't snap a picture of my Croxor army. Figures!
Round 4: It was Barnabas vs Amon. Ironically I won this one via pop-and-drop. I feel sort of dirty, but hey, a win is a win. In all fairness, it was my only shot. He had 4 heavy jacks in his list and Gators just don't have the muscle for that.
And that wraps that up! Hats off to the GRR organizers who put on a spectacularly fun tournament. I even managed to win a Kreoss3 model in the raffle at the end which was like the cherry on the awesomesauce sunday.

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