Friday, February 08, 2013

Gatorman Posse 2

More Croxorz! I wrapped these up just tonight by adding the grass tufts. The Envirotex had just enough time to cure, and fortunately in time for the Gold Rush Rampage tomorrow. Quick analysis...

What went well:
* Setting a deadline for myself of getting these ready for GRR was great. It forced me to push hard at painting and I think I've found my muse again.
* Having an existing formula to use as a basis helped speed the process as well.
* The drying blood on the spears worked out far better than I expected. See the picture below.

What could have been better:
* Uh, err... well lots probably, but honestly I'm stoked with how these turned out for spending only 5 evenings painting them.

This shot gives a somewhat better impression of the blood effect on the spears. It's nothing particularly hard to do, just a little secret sauce that I learned from Stahly's Tale of Painters. I adapted it and just make sure to create the spray of blood in a logical way across the blade so that it looked like a slicing or stabbing stroke.

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