Monday, February 18, 2013

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #23

Day late post because of the 3 day weekend.

First picture is of the main Judicator progress. The main torso is now attached to the legs which makes the whole thing start to feel a little more like it's coming together. There's still touch ups and work to do in general, but it was too hard to work with the torso piece separately anymore so I got it 80% done and attached it. The really big question I now have is how to manage the final painting on this beast once it's fully assembled, since there's going to be a lot of final work to do to make the whole model look cohesive, not to mention clean up a bunch of stuff.

I also got a bunch of base coating work done on the remaining parts as well as detailing work on the shoulders. I actually got pretty brave (for me) with the airbrush at this point and did some highlighting on the shoulders. There was a bit of over-spray since I wasn't using any masking for it, but nothing that I can't quickly clean up.

And now a WIP shot of Rask. He's been the project I work on while washes on the Judicator were drying. He's coming along quite well and I expect to have him done by the next weekend despite the amount of work left to do.

And just a few random notes about painting and life this week:

I got a really great tip on using the airbrush this week from my friend David: Mix my paint in a paint well and then transfer it to the airbrush. As simple as this sounds, it really made a huge difference. I already feel more comfortable about it. I've also ordered a whole pile of pipettes to make it easier to transfer paint with.

My son turned 3 this weekend. Nothing to do with painting. I'm just really happy to see him grow up.

Finally, I enjoyed the self-imposed painting challenge for GRR so much that I'm going to try and do more of those sorts of challenges. My current one is to have the Judicator finished before my next game of Warmachine (probably Wednesday or Thursday). Of course the odds of that are pretty low honestly, but the challenge still stands and I'm taking it seriously in an attempt to pull it off. Worse case scenario, I hope to have Rask finished so I can field him instead.

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