Sunday, February 03, 2013

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #21

Busy week. Very busy! Sorry if the formatting sucks but I need to get up early so I'm trying to slam this one out fast despite all the activity.

First up is the progress on the Judicator. The legs are pretty much done, with the back, uh, armored loincloth, added on as well. So this now reduces the total remaining pieces to assemble to 8. I also got some progress on the main torso part but not enough to really make worth showing a picture of tonight in this already packed post.

A quick micro review: Krylon primer. I recently failed to obtain more of the Duplicolor automotive primer that I normally use, so instead I picked up a can of Krylon primer. I have to say that it worked out quite nicely. I honestly don't see that big of a difference and the Krylon can seems to hold far more primer than the Duplicolor did.

Next is an adjunct paint rack that I assembled. This actually got mostly done a week ago but the final assembly and loading up didn't happen until early this week. This nicely expands out my paint rack capacity to handle all the GFA paints I obtained for airbrushing purposes. This picture actually shows both racks as they are positioned on my desk.

Ok, so before I go on, I need to set up a bit. This coming Saturday is Gold Rush Rampage and I'm planning to go assuming everything falls into place work-wise. To that end I decided to bring my Croxorz, but I wanted to fill out my collection a bit to be more viable. So I picked up a second Gatorman Posse and a second Ironback Spitter, along with Rask. I'm now in a mad push to get them all painted prior to the GRR event. There's a lot of challenge there though as getting them based includes pouring the Envirotex by Thursday night so that it has enough time to cure properly. So I've been a painting fool.

Here's the Ironback Spitter progress. He's pretty much done other than a couple minor touch ups and, of course, getting based. This one is a huge departure from the original Ironback.

I also got 4 more customized transport trays mostly done. The Envirotex is curing still though so I don't have any pictures at present. They had been sitting on my in-progress shelf, half done, for months. Turns out I wasn't really that far from getting them done.

And in the vein of things I completed but don't have a picture of, I got a bunch of Croxor bases assembled today as well, which consisted of drill out the blanks, adding magnets, and then green-stuffing and adding gravel. Once the green-stuff cures I'll prime them all and knock out the painting step. The Ironback has high likelyhood of being ready for Saturday!

And finally before I collapse into slumber, a quick WIP shot of the Gatorman Posse. Just really got about 75% of the chitin done and nothing else. Still a lot of work to do, but I've got a good start towards being painting complete by Thursday.

And I'm out! Happy painting out there!

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