Monday, August 06, 2012

Ironback Spitter

The Ironback Spitter presented me with the first real shift in my Gator force in terms of general look (aside from the obvious Boneswarm that is). I wanted the Ironback to match the other Gators, but still be distinctive. One of the things I liked about the studio scheme was the use of orange, however it was a little bit overpowering. So I tried to work in orange into my normal albino scheme. The end result worked out fairly well to me.

What worked well:
* Using orange as a theme tone throughout most of the model. Particularly the small patches being bright orange brings a lot of interest to the overall look.
* Keeping the skin relatively pale to accentuate the albino look underneath the shell.

What could have been better:
* Spent a lot of time fighting with my washes when doing the shell, particularly the swirly parts.
* Posed a little too far forward, making him look like he's about to fall over.

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Jestor said...

Looks fantastic!