Friday, August 31, 2012

Maelok the Dreadbound

My third (and final for now) Gator warlock is done! And with this completion it rounds out my Gator forces. I should caveat that by saying that I may eventually get more Gators, but this rounds out the first level of commitment I made to starting a Gator force. Anyway, more on that in an upcoming post. For now though, a quick review of painting this model.

Ok, straight up, I didn't spend as much time painting this model as I had originally intended. There's multiple reasons, but probably the most guilty of them is my desire to be "done" with my Gator force. This model is a really nice sculpt, but I did run into a couple challenges. Particularly in the realm of readability, I found the sculpt to be very busy with details. This always causes a bit of trouble for me. I felt like this model wasn't as frustrating, but it being the last Gator in my collection, well, I just wanted to be done. So it could have gotten more attention but the end result still makes me pretty happy.

What went well:
* The candles turned out quite nice I think. They added a lot of color and attention, and especially brought my Mardi Gras color scheme well into focus.
* The dead flesh and exposed muscle turned out fairly well for what I wanted. I was going for more of a dried out husk sort of look and I feel like I accomplished that.

What could have been better:
* As mentioned above, more time and more effort would have been nice. But c'est la vie.
* Basing turned into a fiasco with his feet being very wide apart and not fitting properly. If you turn the model upside down, you'll find several unfinished parts.
* Some details just didn't quite get done, like the eyes. I sort of spaced on them, and now that it's sealed, I'm not going back.

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Scotty Kahn said...

Love all the colors on this guy! Really works well together.