Sunday, August 19, 2012

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #6

Somehow a whole week passed and I didn't post anything. Probably has something to do with a huge bout of the terrible twos.

First a brief battle report. Henry and I rolled out a 50pt game of pSeverius vs Asphyxious3. The game was a total blast. We both rolled out our respective colossals, as proxies obviously. Highlights include me destroying three-quarters of his army in a single turn, then followed by getting assassinated by Gaspy3 in a very No Quarter Challenge style. Brilliant game full of entertainment. Probably the best part was when Asphyxious used Bone Shaker to whack Nicea who then walks back and pops Severius, nearly killing him!

And... no photos of works in progress. A bunch of stuff moved forward this week actually. The Swamp Horror and the Witch Doctor both are wrapped up and I'm just waiting for the Envirotex to set. Skarre got a little more progress as well. Maelok is now on deck and I got some base coating work started on him. I also have a couple "off blog" projects that hit the desk and got prep work started. I'll include posts of those when they wrap up.

Hopefully the next roundup post is a bit more interesting!

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