Sunday, August 12, 2012

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #5

Only one massive photo this week, and it's not great quality. My 2 year old has a massive fever. I'm just happy he's resting now and can write up this post.

Going from left to right...

Skarre - Still working on her a bit at a time. Not huge progress, but I did a little shading work on the metals, some work on the blues and flesh, and on her horns. I really love this model so I'm purposefully taking my time. She'll probably remain on my desk for at least 2 more weeks if not more.

Vessel of Judgement - Tedious, and not my favorite model. Will be glad to be done. It's just got so much filigree detail and the surfaces don't break up very well. The overall readability of the model is poor. I'm hoping at some point I'll turn the corner and be enjoying it, but I'm not holding my breath.

Gatorman Witch Doctor - Just started this guy today, so there's not much to say here. He jumped the line in my painting queue since he's more important to get painted than Maelok is in terms of army options.

Swamp Horror - Not particularly succeeding at my self-imposed painting challenge to match the pink octopus photo, but I am having a blast trying. It is starting to come together though, especially now that I've painted the suckers. There's lots of little details on him that picking out helps to really liven up the model.

Finally a quick battle report note. Played Barnabas (2x 5 Posse, Ironback, 2x Bull Snappers, Totem Hunter, Croak Hunter, Witch Doctor) vs Zerkova (Devastator, Decimator, 4 Widowmakers, 8 Black Dragons, Aiyana & Holt, Sylas, Drakhun) in an "Outflank, Outfight, Outlast" scenario. It looked like I was going to have an uphill battle due to the Devastator parking in the control zone and I had no way of even scratching that thing. However bottom of round 2 I managed to get a boosted Ironback Spitter shot on Zerkova after popping Barnabas' feat and nearly killing her. From there it turned into Barnabas the irresistible force just punching through the lines of IFP to finish her off with a spell assassination. I gotta say, the more I play Barnabas, the more I like him. Counter-charge, Spiny Growth, Iron Flesh, Swamp Pit, tough and unyielding make for a really hard target to dig out.
I believe overall my record with Gators is getting better. I might be forgetting a battle in here (or gotten one of the enemy casters wrong), but here's the stats as I recall:
  • Calaban: 2 wins (eHexeris, Mordikaar), 4 losses (eMorghoul, eMakeda, eHaley, Vlad).
  • Barnabas: 2 wins (Zerkova, Harkovich), 0 losses!

The only other thing to report is I'm starting a super secret project titled Project Sunset Cowboys. I'm keeping it a secret to unleash on my local buddies so I won't be posting much about it here until I unveil it to them.

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