Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Croak Hunter

So here's the culmination of my self-imposed painting challenge to match the scheme of a yellow tree frog. I'd say it turned out relatively well all things considered. I didn't really have a clue exactly how to pull it off so I just kinda went at it with techniques that I thought might work.
For the belly spots I tried out a technique of using washes but stippling them on. However rather than stippling them onto a dry surface, I used a slightly moistened brush to lightly wet the surface. That way when I stippled it, the dots naturally smoothed out their edges slightly.
I also used a broad stippling technique using my bigger drybrush. I simply load it as if I am going to drybrush but don't dry it too much. Then I stipple with it to put lots of tiny dots all at ones. This was applied to the yellow skin on his back, neck and arms.
I also used washes on his feet and hands to give them a red tint after doing all the normal highlighting and shading of yellow. That turned out to be an easy change that required very little work but accomplished a nice effect quickly.

What went well:
* Setting a target for myself rather than just blundering in without a scheme in mind was a different process. A nice change of pace just to shake things up.
* Just trying out a bunch of techniques and making the best of it was a fun way to push myself. I really feel like I learned something new, even if the results aren't as good as some other things I've done.
* The wet stippling technique was a success, at least in terms of proof of concept. Definitely more refining of my skill with it in the future.

What could have been better:
* The belly skin tone isn't a good match to the original picture I used as a reference, but I'm sorta happy with the darker fleshier tone I used.
* Overall the paint job feels "rougher" than my normal stuff, but maybe that's a good thing.

I have to say this project was fun and I'm definitely counting it as a success, particularly in the learning experience column. I think I'll definitely try this process again. Perhaps in the very near future...

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