Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Bull Snapper (2)

I finally got some models completely finished. They will all roll out to the blog over the next few days as I get a chance to snap pictures of everything and write up the posts. Today though is a bit busy so I'm just showcasing the second Bull Snapper that I've painted.

It's not often that I paint a second of something. The Bull Snapper is model is a really fast paint project though and this one afforded me an opportunity to experiment with how well I could match the previous one but still have just enough variation to tell them apart. There were two interesting comparisons for me:
1) This second one is lacking certain detailed features that I spent the time on with the first one.
2) This one not only went quicker, but the general washing/shading techniques came out smoother on this one with less effort. Definitely a result of the practice I've been getting.

So anyway, not much more to say on this guy. It'll be nice to have a second Bull Snapper to field on the table and I really feel like my Gator force is coming together nicely.

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