Saturday, August 25, 2012

Daily Inspiration: GenCon 2012

Today's inspiration comes via CMON and is the winning GenCon 2012 painting entry by Marike Reimer. This paint job is absolutely stunning. There are so many amazing freehand details to it. I think the one that most caught my eye was the subtle lace sleeve on her left arm. The dress is also absolutely stunning all around.

It's easy to be completely disenchanted with painting when seeing stuff like this. But in this case I think it's actually pretty inspiring. There's so many little details that are neat ideas. I might even try some of them on my current Skarre project.

Also something to keep in mind is Marike has been painting for quite some time. If you look at her gallery of models, you can get a good sense of how her painting progressed over the years. You'll see some really interesting PP stuff too.

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