Sunday, August 26, 2012

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #7

This was a week full of setbacks, but I still made good progress. Time to recap.

Ok, first up was a bit of a disaster. I had poured the Envirotex for my Witch Doctor and set him aside to dry. I also did the Swamp Horror at the same time but he managed to escape incident. Anyway, the Envirotex had a mind of its own. It ended up getting on the Witch Doctor's tail, running slightly over the edge of the base, and then siphoning about half of its volume over and onto the wood. This of course left me with a Witch Doctor very firmly stuck to the piece of wood. Now fortunately, that piece of wood is there to protect my desk, shelves or whatever I happen to put projects on. Unfortunately I had to do some major work to get him unstuck without doing irreparable damage. Then results...
As you can see, the final damage ripped a big chunk of paint off the bottom of his tail and the back of the base. However, after a bit work work I was able to cover up the mistakes. All things considered, it could have been much worse. I just used some brush-on primer (thank goodness I had some on-hand) and then did some very quick base coating and washing work to hide the scars. Since it was the underside of the tail I didn't bother with doing anything too fancy.

Here's a WIP shot of Maelok. He's my last remaining unpainted Gator model (until I end up buying more I suppose). Nothing special to note really. He's very nearly done and it's just little touch ups and such remaining.

A micro-battle report for this week as well. I played 50pts of Kreoss vs Gaspy3. The goal was actually to play a game where 1 side had a colossal and the other didn't to get a sense of game balance. I had the Judicator and Henry rolled a pair of Seethers. The game was sort of a wash. Henry totally trounced me on scenario, but as a result I was definitely winning the attrition game. I honestly played far to conservatively. We're going to do another 1-sided colossal match this week (Legion vs Kraken) and see how it goes.

No, this isn't some new age art. I decided that I needed a full set of felt cutouts for the SR2012 scenario zones. I find these to be extremely helpful when playing the various scenarios as they make the zones obvious for both players. There's definitely game play advantages and disadvantages of doing it this way, but I tend to feel that the "disadvantages" (better ability to judge distances, etc) are really balanced out by the fact that both players see them. So anyway, I finally got off my butt and made these. Now I just need a set of flags and objectives.

And that's it! I'm sure I'll do something more tonight, but probably just on Maelok. Skarre and the Vessel got zero love this week, but mostly due to my push to wrap up Gators.

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