Sunday, August 05, 2012

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #4

This week was pretty much a roller coaster on the life front. But despite some good times and getting kicked in the nuts, I still got some good painting time in. This post is gonna be quick though cause it's late and I need sleep.

The Croak Hunter challenge worked out as not too shabby. It could obviously have been better, but for speed painting he came out pretty well like I was hoping for. He's bright and fancy and incorporates some of the qualities of the yellow tree frog that I was trying to pull off. Not my best work by any stretch, but I'm going to count this challenge in the win column.
Yay airbrush! Saved me probably an hour of painting time, despite some technical challenges. My VMA Gold dropper has congealed and is pretty much useless. I managed to salvage the situation by breaking out my Golden Acrylics Iridescent Gold, thinning it down and using that. It gives everything a shinier look but I can definitely work with that. Besides, this model is meant to be a centerpiece so a little extra shine will be fine.
And this is some progress on the Swamp Horror. I just did the chitin and nothing else really, but I really like how it turned out. I'll be posting my inspiration for this paint scheme in a couple more days.
And finally, some more progress on Skarre. Working a competition level piece can be frustrating because a lot of work can yield a seemingly small amount of progress. But it's coming along.

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