Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Swamp Horror

So here's the result of my second self-imposed gator painting challenge: the pink octopus! I can't honestly say it's a complete success, but I can definitely say I'm happy with the results given the challenge I set forth for myself. It really was very fun to paint, and it does make for a very distinctive Swamp Horror.

I should note that this model posed some interesting challenges. The suckers for example had to be painted individually. The underside was uniquely difficult to get to, and then ended up being mostly not possible to see. And the eyes are very tiny to get to. Despite the challenges though, I enjoyed painting this model. Probably mostly due to the paint challenge.

What went well:
* The chitin on top worked out quite nicely I think. Good color variation and appearance of texture.
* The overall scheme worked out nice. Bright, but not overly harsh on the eyes.
* Being so well sunk down into the base really gives him a feeling of rising up out of the water.

What could have been better:
* Details like the eyes and teeth could have been a little better defined and highlighted.
* The membranes between tentacles really needed to appear more white/translucent, but I just couldn't quite get it right.
* The blending on the side bubbles (or whatever they are) could have definitely been smoother.


loftybloke said...

Nice work, inthink this guy looks fantastic

Geekly said...

I think you did a great job emulating the picture. Good choice of paint jobs too.