Friday, June 07, 2013

From the Desk: Archangel Painting Started

I had intended to do my Lock and Load wrap up post, but I got distracted and wanted to post this up real fast.

So first of all I want to sing the praises of this small device, and especially for Ron Kruzie for the tip about it. It's basically a small filter made from tubing, pantyhose, and a rubber band. It fits nicely into the paint well of my airbrush and makes it easy to strain for granules that could clog the airbrush. It's simple and elegant and works really well. I tried both with and without and definitely had a smoother result with it. Of course, I did get interesting looks from the checkout clerk when I was buying all these supplies, but that's part of the fun of having this hobby.

So what did I get done? Well some base coating of the wings and initial highlighting and shading work. There's plenty more to do, but this really did get a ton of baseline work done. Next step will be to add some texture, glaze it, and then deepen the shadows.

Ok, enough for tonight. There should be far more regular posts from me over the next couple weeks due to a big break from work and life craziness. I'm looking forward to getting a lot of painting time in.

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