Sunday, June 09, 2013

From the Desk: Roundup #30 and Archangel Progress

I got practically the full day today to work on projects. The rest of my family is out of town so I'm using the time to get as much painting progress done as possible, particularly the larger projects.

So first up is the progress on the Archangel. The wings are about 2/3 done now, with just the blue flesh really remaining. I also got the main body primed. I'm trying to build a plan of attack on how to paint the main body. I'll probably do the chitin first and then flesh, but I'm still not 100% sold on that plan.

Other stuff, that I don't have pictures for:
* Got Lylyth 3 assembled and primed.
* The last putty work on the second Angelius is done.
* Finished stripping and re-assembling the Extreme Carnivean.
* Got a painting diary started, which I'm using to chronicle the Archangel painting scheme.

And that wraps up the week. My goal for the next couple days is to get all my Lock and Load notes written up and posted.

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