Friday, November 22, 2013


Finishing Bishop is sort of a special victory for me. I've had a lot of unpainted Malifaux models sitting around for a long time. Probably years. And Bishop is the first of the Outcasts that has actually gotten painted. I kept putting off the Outcasts in favor of "in faction" models until now. Even more importantly though is that I really enjoyed painting him. It's not the best sculpt in the Wyrd line by a long shot, but I like his pose and it was easy to get at all the parts to paint.

One thing I spent serious effort on was his pants. I wanted to make them really look like blue jeans so I spent the time to do multiple layers of color patching and then crosshatching and then glazes to try to create a more textured effect. I feel like the end result worked out pretty well overall and was definitely worth the effort. Painting to simulate textures is something I've been trying to pay closer attention to for the last few months.

What went well:
* Painting texture to simulate denim worked out well for his jeans. Really happy with the effect.
* Sealing with dull coat and then doing final metal highlights really helps to make the metals pop nicely. Definitely worth the extra step.
* Spending more time than normal to really enjoy the model contributed to my overall joy in painting this model.
* Not being afraid to just go crazy, particularly on the brick and his hair really turned into a fun experiment. His hair in particular worked out as a nice "greasy anime green" look.
* Using Secret Weapon Realistic Water for the base. It's the first time I've used it. Need more experience, but I like it for limited pools. Definitely less crazy to work with than Envirotex.

What could have been better:
* Finding ALL of the mold lines. Ugh!
* Darker shadows, particular on the undersides of his arms.
* Better details on his face. I don't have a photo of it, but trust me, his face could have been better.

Before I wrap this post up, here's a shot of my painting diary entry for Bishop's jeans. Normally I do a better job of tracking colors but I sort of went a little sideways during the middle part of painting. I didn't catch myself until it was too late and I scrapped what remaining wet paint I could off my palette in order to record something. If nothing else, it put a smile on my face.

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