Monday, November 25, 2013

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #41

Again, fast entry from work. Was up late painting and forgot to post.

My Extreme Carnivean is cursed. Pure and simple. It's just cursed. This model hates me. In addition to previous problems with priming and stripping, now it's also been crazy on me. It fell over on my desk and at first I thought it was ok (no paint/primer chipped), but then last night I noticed the one arm was coming off. There's even a pin in there! Fortunately I was able to get it put back together with no noticeable damage but it was still annoying. The model's center of gravity is not as well balanced as I wish it was which is causing some of the problems. That and it's on top of a spray can so when it tipped over it falls quite a bit, and with its enormous weight it can cause a lot of damage. In any case, I got a bit more progress on it this week. I just hope I can finish it before the end of the year.

Next up are the 2 Guild Hounds I started. These guys are sort of obnoxious to paint cause I'm constantly looking at the tiny contact points under the feet and worried about how I'm going to attach them to the base. On the plus side, working on these guys got me oddly inspired to break out the wet palette again while doing their skin. I like the wet palette in general but just don't use it much. However working with my flat plasticard palette so much lately has me wanting to use the wet palette more. I find it funny how these small annoying models were my tipping point to actually come back around to it. I am sorely tempted to get the bigger Masterson's wet palette though just simply because my smaller surface makes it hard to work colors around the palette.

Other things that happened this week:
* Binged on more models at my LGS: More lesser beast blisters, pre-ordered 2 Beast Mistresses, and a set of the original metal Nephilim models to go with my (eventual) Lilith crew for Malifaux.
* Built a new collapsable backstop for when I airbrush.
* Did some research for my first "Practice" project. Post will come this week I hope if I can do the actual painting project.

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B.Mooney said...

Great, extensive blog. I was looking around for inspiration now that I'm painting Warmachine again. Good to see the great Malifaux work as well. Bishop looks excellent!