Sunday, December 01, 2013

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #42

This week's roundup is early. No particular reason than it was convenient timing. Odds are I'll get other stuff done late tonight.

I'm being lazy about pictures this time. It was a rather busy week for me with the holiday visitors, but I still got a bunch of projects done. This picture highlights a bunch of things going on on my desk. I'll just blaze through the list real fast...
* I got more progress on the Extrevean. That model continues to feel cursed. I'm not really enjoying painting it either. I'm just going to suffer through it and be done.
* Finished up the 2 Guild Hounds, but need to properly seal them and photograph them. Probably post that tomorrow.
* Picked up a proper wet palette. The Masterson's one. It's got lots of space and I already like it a lot.
* Started working on Hans from the Malifaux line. Not the most dynamic pose but I have a good feeling about this model.
* I cleaned my desk area significantly!
And 2 items not pictured...
* I was cutting a piece of metal to use as a tray in my small Malifaux transport box and managed to slip and slice an 1/8" deep gash in the back of my thumb. Good news is it isn't impeding my painting ability and I got the tray finished so that I can more comfortably transport my Malifaux crews for gaming.
* Got 2 Stingers prepped and ready for priming.
And one last thing...

This rather obscure photo is of a bunch of ivy roots in a ziplock bag. I found a big clump of dirt while walking my dog this morning and I grabbed it, soaked it, and teased out a bunch of the roots. Once they get properly dried they should make good basing material.

And that's it. Still more hobby time left this evening, and I'm on vacation tomorrow so I'm hoping this will be another very productive week.

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