Monday, December 16, 2013


Wrapped up Hans tonight and wanted to get pictures up. It feels like I haven't been making as much progress the last couple weeks so I was anxious to post another completed model. Hans here was fun to paint. I decided to challenge myself in a couple areas.

What went well:
* Overall color balance worked out. Nick's recommendations from the color theory class really paid off. I feel like his face and hands really help create a frame for the overall appearance.
* Using pigments again worked great. I like the look. Certain not as great as other stuff I've seen out there, but for being an amateur with pigments I'm pretty happy how well it worked.
* Using Secret Weapon Realistic Water worked out great. I did it in multiple layers and added less and less ink as I added upper layers to increase the transparency.
* Just plain taking my time to enjoy the model. I really had fun!
* Recording formulas for parts I painted. I referenced them later for other things.

What could have been better:
* More pop on the metals would have been good. Perhaps even using some bronzes as well.
* Just more time perhaps. I really did enjoy painting this model but I got anxious to finish it for a lot of reasons.

Time for some other project work!

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