Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Carnivean Extreme

I'm not going to belabor this post. The Extrevean has already had enough blog time leading up to this point. I'm just glad to be done with it. What started as an exciting project has turned into a torture. This model has been cursed in so many way. And now that it's done, the imbalance of it's center of gravity makes me hesitant to even put it on the table for fear of it tipping over and crushing other models with its many vicious spikes.


Oshimai said...

How did you do the awesome reds on the musculature under the stretched skin?

Scott said...

I base coated it with P3 Underbelly Blue, then did some "washes" using a mixture of black ink, matte medium, water, and Tamiya Clear Red. The Tamiya is a really viscous paint that ends up looking a lot like blood. The black helps darken the recesses. Make sure to use trashy brushes with the Tamiya paints though cause they will destroy natural hair brushes.