Monday, December 02, 2013

Guild Hounds

Two rather small models. Ironically these are still in beta in the new rules as well, but I've got them done. It's part of my push to meet one of my painting goals for the year. These aren't anything particularly fancy but there was a fair amount of joy in working on them.

What went well:
* Using Vallejo primer with the airbrush worked out great. I'm never priming with anything else again!
* Spending just a little extra time on them. Even though they could have been far better, I'm still pretty happy.
* Extra time on the red dog's base turned out really enjoyable. It has just a little more character to it than my normal bases and didn't really require a huge amount more effort.
* Getting that one dog on a base despite the minimal contact point. I cheated actually and kept him on the sprue and used that to "pin" him to the base, then built the base around him. Very different from my normal but very effective.

What could have been better:
* Cleaning up mold lines. Duh!
* A bit more contrast to make them look more dramatic.

And that's really it. They might hit the table this week.

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