Tuesday, December 17, 2013

From the Desk: New Neverborn Bases

Just a quick post of what I've been working on so far this week: New bases for Neverborn stuff. What's pictured here are the steps I went through for creating these new bases. On the left is my prototype for Nephilim bases, and the right is for Nightmare bases. I'll explain the reasoning at the end.

First I build the bases just as with the Pandora bases. I start by doing base coats on both.
Next I build up the layers more. The left side gets a bit more specialized treatment filling in the lines of power.
Here the bases are mostly done. I've worked my way up using pretty standard colors and just trying to keep things relatively smooth.
And bam! Completed. Mostly just filling in with gloss black and edging highlights with Frostbite as with the Pandora crew bases. I should note that these need to be gloss coated though to really call them finished.

So why the 2 types? Well the Lilith and Dreamer crews both revolve around these two primary types of models (Nephilim and Nightmare respectively). While it's not super critical to know when a model is one or the other, I decided it would be a nice theme thing to do, and in fact for Woes it is useful. I designed these two bases so that when there's a model with overlap between Nephilim, Nightmare or Woe, I could combine the elements of the bases together and not have too much conflict of surface. So for example, Lilitu is both a Woe and a Nephilim and I can combine both together for visual reference.

So why did I do a "lava" theme for Nightmare and not for Nephilim? Well honestly I think that Nephilim being associated with the fires of hell is just a tired old cliche. So instead I'm going to handle my Nephilim as more like shadow demons. Nightmare are really the stuff born from the fires of hell anyway I think.

Not to execute about a dozen of the Nephilim bases and get cracking on my Lilith crew!

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