Tuesday, November 12, 2013


This model went unusually fast. Probably because it's a pure metal base coat. I broke with style from the rest of my Guild models to do this one in TMM instead of NMM (cause I hate painting NMM, but more on that later). This model was a delight to paint and turned into quite an experiment. As you can see from the photos here, I've opted for a different backdrop due to the overall darkness of the model and to try out a backdrop that seems more suited for Malifaux in general. This model was pretty fragile to work with as the joints are very small and it extends out over the 50mm base by a lot. Still though, I feel like I got it safely on there, despite the overhang of 2 feet.

What went well:
* Taking my time! I didn't rush it and again solicited feedback.
* Dullcoating before doing metal highlights worked great. This was a tip I got from Lock&Load last year and decided to put it into practice. Between the last post and this one, the big difference was sealing it (including a final coat of dull coat), and then going back to highlight the metals. It really makes the whole thing pop nicely.
* Using pigments worked great for the weathering. I especially like the Secret Weapon Pigment Fixer for this.
* Blood pools on the ground really helped bring the scene to life for me. I'm getting more and more comfortable with doing this sort of adding to things I've legitimately "finished".
* Extra time in general on the base really helped as well. The model itself isn't particularly interesting, but adding some additional interest to the base helped a lot.

What could have been better:
* Could have been better oriented on the base, or some little platform to support that back foot. It's just a really long model so this was a difficult point.
* Thicker layers of pigments would have added more texture to the weathering. I'm still a complete novice with pigments so I need to get more practice at that.
* Something a bit more on the basing would have helped spice it up as well. Not really sure what. Maybe levels to the wood platform or raise it up, or even just a railing. Not sure there.

And as a point of comparison, I snapped an extra set of photos using my normal backdrop. This one actually was the best of the bunch. This model is pretty dark overall and the bright backdrop really drowns it out, but on this angle you get a bit better view of the one side and especially the blood pools.

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