Sunday, March 09, 2014

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #50

Catching up on several missed weeks.

My desk isn't particularly busy right now. This picture tells more than it shows. The Insidious Madness is the only project actually in progress right now from a painting perspective. All my paints got put away last night after I finished up the painting for my second Mature Nephilim. Just final basing and sealing to do. Beyond that I have multiple projects that are trimmed, assembling, or primed, but only the Insidious Madness actually has paint on it. I just need to find my muse. Lately my son has been a holy terror and my job has been mentally taxing. These things really drain my spirit and it becomes hard to hear my muse.

Here is a sample of a "hybrid" base for my Neverborn crew. This one incorporates the Woe traits of green glowing carved runes along with the Nightmare traits of fire from below. I think this worked out pretty well overall and I'm feeling more confident about pulling off future combinations as needed.

On another note, the monkey on my back that is Diablo 3 has returned. The impending release of the expansion got me sucked back in. Honestly this is a good time for it. I need some downtime after the huge Lilith crew push I just finished.

One last note: I can't believe I've done 50 of these roundup posts now. And I don't even do them every weekend!

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