Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Mature Nephilim (plastic)

I sort of rushed this model a bit in order to get it done for gaming tonight. The second (metal) Mature Nephilim is still far from done as I opted to not finish them together. I'll work on him later this week. The plastic sculpt is definitely my favorite of the two as the shape and surfaces are just easier to work with.

What went well:
* Wings went better on this one than the Young Nephilim. Painting the creases in the other direction makes them look better.
* Metal bands for the arms really brings some nice pop without causing a shift in overall color appearance. It also just makes him look more badass.
* Larger skin surfaces to work with made the process more fun. I purposefully avoided trying to get my blending too smooth and just focused on the color and contrast instead. I'm pretty happy with the end result even if the photos make it look terrible.

What could have been better:
* Again, red loincloth just doesn't fit in. I needed to add more color complexity to it I suspect. Definitely a learning experience though.
* Same with the leather bands on his leg.
* And finally, his feet being so wide apart cause some real challenges given my basing scheme. I feel like I sort of got lucky with this one.

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