Saturday, March 22, 2014

Insidious Madness

Ugh, these photos are terrible. They are brighter than the finished product. Some of what I'm going to say here will not sound accurate given the photos. Just trust me on this one.

So this model was the product of two primary factors. The first was my desire to marry the Woe and Nightmare themes that I've been using in my Neverborn collection. The second was to experiment with not only my color theory but also in my actual application of color. I recently watched a documentary about Van Gogh and it got me inspired to push a but more out of my comfort zone. While I'd seen other dual color schemes for this model before on the forums and CMON, I didn't really care for any of them due to the color choices. While I replicated a similar choice of how to separate the colors, I chose a different pairing. My goal was to create a disturbing contrast without making the model visually displeasing to look at.

What went well:
* My favorite comment I got about this model from a friend was "Why is there an eyeball where it's butt should be?"
* Creating a strong clash between green and red worked out nicely for meeting both of my goals.
* The mouths and eyes actually worked out nicely and stand out without unbalancing the overall look.

What could have been better:
* It was an experiment obviously, and things could have been better all around. Blending, detail work, etc. But I'm not really focused on those as major things since this was an experiment.

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