Friday, March 14, 2014

From the Desk: Some Models Are Cursed

Warning: This post is just a cathartic rant.

Some models are cursed.

Every so often I work on a painting project where the model just feels like multiple things go wrong. Almost like fate conspires against me to complete the model. No matter how much I want to love the model, it just becomes torture to work on. I had this experience recently with the metal Mature Nephilim and before that with the Extreme Carnivean. I've had it happen plenty of times before as well. Rather than catalog the various models this has happened with, I figured I would think back to the types of curses I've run into.

Model is ugly - Recently this post by Meg Maples about Choosing a Mini for competition painting was a really good read about this very issue. Sometimes models are just ugly.
Model has a "messy" sculpt - Some models are just very crowded with details or the surfaces are sculpted such that they seem overly complex and difficult to differentiate different parts of the model from each other. This becomes especially annoying.
Bad primer coat - Either too thick, or grainy, or whatever.
Model gets damaged during painting - I have this problem with big models. They tip over on my desk and get damaged. It can happen a number of other ways as well. Sometimes even just a bad join and the model comes apart.
Model simply scares away the muse - This is perhaps the most difficult situation. Some models are just not inviting of creativity or excitement. When this happens it takes an enormous amount of willpower to overcome those barriers and just muscle through to the end.

So what's the point of all this? Nothing. I'm just getting this frustration out of my head and heart. I had 2 large models that came under heavy curses recently, and as I prepare to start competition entries for Lock & Load, I need to take a step back and release this frustration.

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