Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Bosun Grogspar

Yay for time to paint! Finished Grogspar this afternoon and he was a blast to paint. I took a few shortcuts on things like skin and metals this time. Overall though, even though it was a relatively simple model to paint, he ended up being fun. I have to say though, I waited to paint the stripes on his shirt last and, up until that point I was thinking that he wasn't that great looking. Something about putting some stripped pirate flair on him really brought him to life. He may not be my best paint job, but he's definately going to the top shelf of the display case. The stripes on his shirt worked out pretty well, to the point that I even did a small amount of shading on them in a couple specific places. Definately worth the effort. The rest of the model was pretty routine though, so putting the extra effort into the stripes was my bit of painting like I have a pair. I'm starting to get more confidence in my "freehand" work finally.

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