Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Menoth Puts Away The Skorne!

Had an unoffical summer rampage battle yesterday with my buddy Lance. We were too lazy to drive down to the LGS (which happens to be 25 minutes away), so we just played at my place. It was Amon vs Hexeris, in a brutal scenario. We played the Menoth mission, which had the effect of dust storms that pretty much shut down most options for units.

The Armies:
Skorne: Hexeris, Titan Gladiator, Cyclops Savage, Krea, Paingivers, Totem Hunter and Gatormen
Menoth: Amon, Castigator, Revenger, Daughters, Knights Exemplar, Vilmon, Rupert,a Paladin and 2 Wracks.

The Battle:
Generally the battle went well in my favor. Skorne took control of 2 of the objective points early due to the dust storm delaying my plan. However, it wasn't long before I dislodged control and evened things up. The Totem Hunter found himself on the business end of Amon's Sand Blast, putting him away early. This freed up one end of the field for the Paladin to just park on the objective for the rest of the game. From there, it was a slow downhill slide for the Skorne. The Castigator held control of the middle. The Knights and Daughters held the other flank firm, and eventually thinned down the paingivers. In the end, the battle was tied on objective points and came down to VP's, of which Skorne game up short.

The Dice:
Overall, the dice were fine for me, but the Skorne had some odd luck. Hardly a single missed attack roll, but routinely poor damage rolls. Overall I think it ended up mattering little, but it did throw the game in my favor.

Top Performers:
Again, Daughters were remarkable, and Amon, as always, was a badass. I really enjoy Amon for his versatility. I've heard alot of bad comments about him, but I think alot of that comes from him not being a very good "playbook" caster. I'll post more about that another time though. Overall, this was a lovely list, and I look forward to using it again. I think it strikes a good balance between Amon's battlegroup and flexible but potent units and solos.

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