Thursday, July 19, 2007

Summer Rampage League: Week 1

Just a quick update... I might come back and edit this more later.

Played 3 games for the summer league on Tuesday. It was awesome. Lost 2, won 1.

The first game was against Eric's Trolls, which I lost, but it was a fairly pitched battle. I just couldn't quite secure my hold on the field. Plus, I totally pulled off a rampage, but failed to actually use it at the time. Doh!

Second game was against Jeff playing Menoth. Icky... Menoth vs Menoth. This game was a little more one sided. He got a good ranging on me and wiped out most of my zealots, and from there the rest of it folded. I had a No Quarter Challenge moment, but it required better than average luck and my dice were not cooperating.

Third game was against Dan playing Menoth. I switched lists from Amon to Feora. This payed off well. He had mostly infantry and a good turn with Feora's feat wiped out over 50% of his troops. It earned me the bounty, and the victory. He almost pulled off a No Quarter Challenge on me, but he needed superb damage rolls and didn't get even close to lucky enough. Overall, that battle felt like a mugging.

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