Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Grim days for Severius

Played another game against Zugbart yesterday and I have to say, he delivered a thrashing to me. The entire game I felt like I was trying to recover from the previous round and if I'd had a lucky round, it probably could have turned my way. Overall though, Grim never presented himself as a target, and used careful scalpel-like strikes to eliminate key models. By the 3rd round, I was really hurting for firepower. Overall, I just executed poorly and spread out my forces too wide. I should probably have bricked up. Following my practice of fielding whatever I most recently painted, the second Seneschal and Grogspar both got some field time. Although my Seneschals got whacked early on, Grogspar at least got to fire a couple harpoon shots. He wasn't supremely effective, but he was very intimidating.

The armies:
Me: Severius, Revenger, Vilmon, 2 Seneschals, Daughters, Grogspar, 2 Wracks
Zugbart: Grim, Mauler, Axer, Impaler, Gobbers

The dice:
Overall, I can't complain. I had a number of very poorly timed bad rolls (like the triple ones on a damage roll to kill the axer), but I also had some good rools, and I can honestly say I don't recall missing more than 1 attack roll. It was the damage rolls that really fluctuated wildly and caused problems. I've started getting more conscious of matching up my attacks on targets in such a way to increase my odds of hitting overall.

The endgame:
In the end, Severius and the Revenger were trying to hold off Grim, a nearly dead Axer, and the fresh Mauler. There was just never really a good chance to blast Grim unfortunately. I can definately say though that Severius made it very very hard to finally get damage to bear on him, between his Sacred Ward and his Vision spell.

Star Performers:
Once again, the Daughters outperformed my expectations. With Eye of Menoth as a bonus, 2 of them laid out a pile of damage on the Impaler, taking it out after it had been hit a couple times by Ashes To Ashes.

Learning Lessons:
  • Stay in closer formation.
  • Focus firepower when targetting a warbeast.
  • Flanking with the Daughters works well, but not at the 350pt level where there isn't enough other support.
  • Don't forget all the special features of models, like Daughters' stealth, and Seneschals' Righteous Fury.

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