Monday, September 15, 2008

Battle: Mercs vs Cygnar

Another battle against Lance, this time Mercs vs Cygnar. I played my previous Fiona list (Fiona, Nyss, Sea Dogs, Gudrun, Rupert, Aiyana&Holt), but with the addition of Stannis and a Mariner. Lance had Nemo, Thunderhead, Journeyman, Strangeways, Gorman, Alexia, a Bokur, and a Lancer. The Thunderhead's pulse and Nemo's chain lightning really had me worried that it would be a one-sided game.
This was an amusing game. If it weren't for a lucky set of dice rolls in my favor, Nemo would have set a pair of chain lightnings through most of my Nyss. Fortunately the bounces on both were only 1 additional model and the Nyss made all their tough checks (thanks to Rupert). As a result, I spent a lot of time shooting the heck out of the Cygnarans. I'd have to say that the Nyss were probably the stars of the show, but overall the entire army felt useful. Stannis flanked around the side, the Nyss held a wide swath of the center supported by Rupert, Gudrun functioned as Fiona's faux-arcnode, and the Mariner took a number of shots. Aiyana's harm was very helpful for laying out damage on the Thunderhead as well.
In a rematch, I'd expect to get crushed, but this time I came out victorious. It was a little challenging to actually get at Nemo, but once I did, he tends to go down fast since he's a weak old man like Severius. I have to admit, it was amusing to play a game with a lot more ranged capability. I think I still like the melee-based armies, but this was quite entertaining.

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