Monday, September 29, 2008

Orin Midwinter

Another model off the desk: Orin Midwinter. Nothing especially fancy here. Overall I'm not super pleased by it, but I used a couple techniques that I've been trying to practice, so the quality sometimes dips. I aimed to have some red in the majority of the model to tie it together better. The black robes are shaded using red for that reason, along with including some red in many aspects of the model.
In addition, I tried to work the metals a bit more than normal. I painted a faux horizon line being reflected on the end of his staff, and generally tried to do a lot more specific shading on the metals. This same stronger shading scheme was used on the skin as well, making more dramatic definition to his face and hands. I also took this opportunity to try painting the pupil of his eye so that the color in it was visible.
Overall, not a terrible model, but lately I've been on a kick to practice painting black and just not feeling like I'm succeeding at it too much. I'm working on Capt Kraye now for another friend and painted the horse black, which also just didn't turn out to my liking. Hopefully this is just a pessimistic slump. If nothing else, at least I'm getting a lot more practice with painting black, which is forcing me to practice shading more smoothly.

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