Saturday, September 13, 2008

Painting with the Inner Circle

Today I hung out with the gang from the Inner Circle painting group, which is a group of people that paint miniatures and take it seriously. This was a pretty interesting experience. Multiple folks there seriously outclassed me. One guy, Derek Schubert (sp?), had recently won gold for the diorama category from the Privateer GenCon painting competition. He brought the piece with him and it was amazing to look at in person. Foolishly though, I didn't take any pictures. Laszlo was there too and I picked up one of his painting DVD's. Overall it was a good time, and getting to hang out with really badass painters was highly educational. Here's a few of the key points I walked away with:
* I need to take a Color Theory class
* It's worth my time to try out a wet palette again
* The "french" school of thought on shading involves using the complementary color to shade a color, so for example, use purple to shade yellow
* Lots of thoughts on color, which is probably the next thing I need to work on next as a skill

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