Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lady J Strikes Again.... Almost

Today I played two more games of Malifaux. Well, sort of. The first game was the Lady J box vs the Zoraida box. The quick summary is that I ended up forfeiting after turn 2. The whole Zoraida thing is turning out to be completely broken. Both Henry and I worked through the mechanics and math of it and it turns out she basically can't fail on the Obey whack. There was a battle report I failed to post from last Sunday where we played Lady J vs Zoraida and it went pretty much the same way. I hate to say it but I highly recommend steering clear of Zoraida for your first 30 games, particularly if someone knows how to play her well. The game honestly feels broken.

The second game was the Lady J box, Scales of Justice and Bishop vs Leviticus, Rusty Alice, Bete Noire, and Desolation Engine. This game was a blast. The Leviticus list was pretty crazy to play against. Lots of weird things going on, with Bete Noire popping back in a couple times. It was very strange. In the end it looked like I was about to lose and then Lady J made a gamble to move over and engage Leviticus. It turns out that Lady J is pretty much a freight train of pain. She walked twice and then carved Leviticus to ribbons, and that sent the rest of the game solidly in my direction.

All in all, I think we both had a great time, and it was certainly nice to use the gamer side of my brain again after an absolute hell of a week at work. I haven't picked up a brush for over a week now!

Games played: 8
Dollars spent: $115.00
Cost per game: $14.50

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